Application Integration

The application integration of AEC Hub into the tools that you use everyday enables AEC Hub to bring all members of your design team together and work on the data in the same place.

We set out to integrate AEC Hub into the most popular and powerful CAD and BIM tools around.  AEC Hub is integrated into the following products:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Autodesk Navisworks
  • Microsoft Office

AutoCAD Integration

AEC Hub integrates directly into AutoCAD.  Once the user log into AEC Hub they can open a CAD file, work on it, save their changes and check it back in, in one seamless workflow.

The following functionality is available in the AutoCAD Integration:

  • Open from the cloud.
  • Title block management.  Store all title block information in the cloud.
  • Reference file management.  Reference files can be attached from the cloud.
  • Insert and Wblock.  Blocks can be inserted from and saved to the cloud.
  • Title Block Integration.  Users can connect their own Title Blocks and attributes to the cloud database.
  • Revision Management.  Users can add revisions, even roll back revisions on the current drawing.

Revit Integration

The AEC Hub Revit integration is designed to allow Revit users complete access to the cloud.

The following functionality is available in the Revit integration:

  • Open from the cloud.
  • Link models.  Users can link other models from the cloud into their model.
  • Link CAD.  Users can link CAD files from the cloud in their model.
  • Load Family.  Family files can be attached from the cloud.
  • Publish PDF files directly to AEC Hub
  • Publish NWC files directly to AEC Hub

Navisworks Integration

An integrated design team is vital on every project.  AEC Hub seeks to bring the while design team together to share data and reduce risk.  Navisworks has been integrated to enable the process of Clash detection, time lining and other BIM uses to be carried out directly on your project data.

The following functionality is available in the Navisworks integration:

  • Open and save Navisworks files to the cloud.  NWC, NWD and NWF files can be opened directly from the cloud.
  • Append from cloud.  AEC Hub enables the appending of your design data into your Navisworks session directly from the cloud.
  • Automatic publishing of NWC files to the cloud when appending files in Navisworks.
  • Clash to Task. Navisworks clashes can be imported into AEC Hub and converted to tasks to enable the tracking and completion of project issues.

Office Integration

Office documents such as spreadsheets and word processing files are an integral part of the design process.  AEC Hub integrates the Microsoft office suite of products into the design workflow.

The following functionality is available in the Office integration:

  • Open from cloud.  all produces are able to open Office files from the cloud.
  • Outlook functionality includes the ability to attach images from the cloud, save messages to the cloud as well as saving and inserting attachments to the cloud.