Navisworks - Integrated Design

BIM projects require the use of Navisworks in order to carry out BIM uses such as Clash Detection, 4D Simulation and Material takeoff.  A typical workflow is that the BIM models are produced in Revit and then those models loaded into Navisworks to carry out those tasks.

File Access

AEC Hub enables the Navisworks user to open an existing Navisworks file such as an (NWC, NWF or NWD) from the cloud.  Alternatively they can start with a blank document and append any file from the comprehensive list of file types available to Navisworks.  Each time a file is attached from AEC Hub a Navisworks cache file is generated, this file is then  automatically stored in the cloud alongside the original source file.

The AEC Hub Navisworks integration enables an integrated design environment through the availability of design data for all stages of the design process.